IMG_6765Bruno Miranda is a two time GRAMMY nominee as both, an artist and audio engineer. He is also a well versatile pianist (Recording artist, composer, producer, educator, audio engineer, and music director) with proven knowledge of contemporary production skills. Bruno has extensive experience in vast fields of audio engineering, especially in tracking, mixing, editing, using virtual instruments, MIDI systems, creating tracks for live performances and leading rhythm sections, both live and in-studio. His compositions are truly engaging both, the music technology field (Sound Designer) as well as in the latin Jazz and contemporary Instrumental music categories.

Bruno has extensive experience leading rhythm sections at and incorporating music technology into live productions. He is also an excellent editor for radio and broadcast with proven experience as head engineer of a nationally broadcast radio program.

Bruno Miranda is available to work as band director, performer, clinician and music educator around the country. For more information about booking him for conferences and events, please refer to this webpage or by email at: bgmm007@gmail.com


Bruno Miranda was nominated for a Latin-GRAMMY Award for his album Mosaico, as Best Instrumental Album of 2016.



IUPUI - Engineering

Master of Science – Music Technology (Class of 2015)

Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN

Degree Granted: Summer 2015

 Areas of study: Music curriculum development, music technology in education, audio engineering and sound design for multimedia, computer science for music applications, app development and programming languages, music business and technology project management, including artist development.

School Program Link here.


Berklee New Logo 01

Bachelor of Music – Music Production and Audio Engineering (Class of 2005)

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Degree granted: Summer 2005

 Main Instrument: Piano – Jazz studies, session recording techniques and modern styles.

Areas of study: Music production techniques, multi-track recording and engineering, advanced mixing and mastering, computer DAW systems, Pro Tools, MIDI systems, arranging, music theory for rhythm and brass sections, band leadership, artist development and music industry studies in contemporary music business.

School Program Link here.


Campbellsville University, Campbellsville, KY (Fall 1999 – Spring 2001)

Concentration in church music, music education, and curriculum development.


Fluent in American English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Conversational in Spanish.

Employment History


BELL SHOALS BAPTIST CHURCH – BRANDON, FL (February 2011 – June 2016)

Technology Director of Music and Worship (Associate of Music and Worship)


·       Perform weekly as piano accompanist for the choir and orchestra.

·       Incorporate music technologies by the use of click tracks and multi-track stem playback system to support the choir and orchestra’s performance.

·       Coordinate rhythm section rehearsals and integrity as a team.

·       Project management over major production’s technical aspects.

·       Engineer, edit and mix custom stem tracks for special events.

·       Assist with the production of the church’s CD’s and DVD’s.

·       Serve as liaison for the Media Department, bridging the gap between both departments.

·       Work closely with the pastor of music and worship in planning, developing and implementing new and improved ideas for weekly worship services as well as major productions.

MOVING FORWARD RADIO – BRANDON, FL (October 2013 – June 2016)

·       Monthly record and edit the program’s recording session.

·       Edit, finalize and deliver files according to industry standards.

·       Edit sermons for content and time according to radio show’s specifications.

·       Apply specialized knowledge to reduce noise and other artifacts not desirable for broadcast reasons.

·       Work within tight deadlines producing an exceptional work aimed to perfection according to Industry standards.


RON KENOLY MINISTRIES (RKM) – ORLANDO, FL (August 2005 – May 2009)

Responsibilities Included:

·       Perform in every event scheduled, local and abroad (more than 120 events per year).

·       Incorporate music technology by the use of multi-track on stage playback for events without a full band available.

·       Work with the audio engineering team of every location providing a smooth experience for both the audience and RKM.

·       Lead, rehearse and perform with the rhythm section band, consisting of core instruments: Piano, Aux Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Ac. Guitar, El. Guitar and 3-part Brass section.

·       Provide and produce charts and rehearsal tracks for the band.

·       Work with local choir directors during tours for collaboration.

·       Audition and assemble local tour musicians for special International events.

·       Coordinate the online store sales and delivery of products.

·       Serve as personal assistant to Dr. Kenoly when needed.

·       Assist with merchandise sales and other business related activities.


Prior Positions Held:


 (Dec. 2003 – April 2008)

Arranger, Producer, Session musician, Studio Assistant.

Celebration Church – Charleston, MA (March 2005 – August 2005)

Worship Production Coordinator, Music Director, and Keyboard player, Bandleader.

El Trio de Hoy – Milford, MA (Dec. 2003 – Dec. 2005)

Musician, Arranger, Performer.

MDN Recording Studio – Northbridge, MA (May 2003 – Dec. 2003)

Producer, Arranger, Sound Engineer


Clinician History:


·       Concert and Workshop at the Lee University (October 2016):

o    Topics included a wide range of modern technology techniques for Worship and Arts, Improvisation, Artistry and Audio Engineering. 


·       Workshop at the University of Tampa (October 2014):

o    “Creating a Track with Garageband for Practicing Improvisation.”


·       Workshops at Liberty University (February 2015):

o    “Internal Visualization for Improvisatory Development”

o    “Creating Memorable Moments in A Performance: Strategic Program Planning”

o    “The Value of American Music: Its Origins and Application for Today’s Musicians”

o    “Audience Connectivity Strategies for Praise and Worship Ensembles”

o    “The Connection between Rhythms and Cultural Identities: Its importance and Relevancy for Today’s Music Students


Concerts, Performances and other Appearances:


o    Over 5 years of weekly services at Bell Shoals Baptist Church with attendances of over 5000.

o    Extensive appearances with Latin-Grammy nominated artist Dr. José Valentino Ruiz.

o    Venues include: Multiple concerts at the University of South Florida, Clearwater Taste Festival, Low Country Jazz Festival in South Carolina, Performances with Jim Walker for the National Flute Association, as well as weddings and other special concerts.

o    Occasional performances with American-Idol finalist Jeremy Rosado.

o    Previous performances in 7 Nations of Africa, 7 Nations in Europe, The Americas and Caribbean, including iconic venues in the U.S.A. * Details upon request.