Bruno Miranda releases his new album Chapter II

Taken from the Album Notes:

Acclaimed two time Latin-GRAMMY Nominated Artist Bruno Miranda shares his new life chapter alongside renown musicians and producers, José Valentino and Jesse Pitts. This contemporary instrumental album takes the listener into an emotional life journey.

The song “Emma” is Bruno Miranda’s dedication for his first daughter. This track captures the emotional aspect of fatherhood and the joy of life, highlighting and setting the tone of the care and responsibilities that come through such a life-changing event.

“Set Free”, composed by José Valentino, is a song of healing and deliverance, hence the original name “Liberar”. The listener can feel relaxation and joy through this intricate instrumental piece that features each of the components of the trio.

“Chapter II” showcases the musicianship of the core members of the Bruno Miranda Trio. A journey of happiness and peace, this work reflects a heavy Latin-American influence, marked by Bruno’s Brazilian roots and American lifestyle.

“Fractal Groove”, is a fun track, where the trio showcases contemporary styles that refreshes the listeners’ ears. Bruno composed the melody of “Fractal Groove” for his recital at Indiana University while pursuing his master’s degree. This song reminds him of the importance of education and learning, which are Bruno’s passion.

“Forgiven (Perdonado)”, is a song of forgiveness. This is an emotional song that has carried Bruno through the deepest situations in his life journey. The melody invites a reflection of the joy after the storm, and the celebration of good things in life.

“Mi Espñola Maja” (My Spanish Crush), composed and performed by José Valentino, is a flamenco style track which brings a nice contrast of Latin styles to the album. The flamenco art style and dance can be heard throughout this track showcasing artistry through a beautiful melody.

“Experimento” (Interlude), is a song whose main focus is the featured artist Johnathan Hulett. Johnathan has created a complex drum track by multi-tracking a tambourine and a small cymbal only. Johnathan is a master jazz drummer who was able to use the most unusual ways in experimenting with music technology, to bring this track to a whole new level.

“Horizon”, is a fun track with a catchy melody, which is one of Bruno’s signature styles. This is a fun piece that brings happiness and allows listeners to pay attention to the details of each instrument.

“Yo Me Rindo A Él”, (I surrender all), features guest artist Cienna Alida who sings one of the most acclaimed Christian hymns. Bruno wanted to honor his mother with this track, as this is one of her favorite songs.

“Feelings” is a piano only piece recorded in one take and it is a true heart-felt expression of Bruno’s thankfulness throughout his life journey. It is a deep emotional track that resembles compositions made for picture, which paints a picture of Bruno’s new life journey, Chapter II.

Many thanks to the acclaimed musicians and producers, José Valentino (bass and flute) and Jesse Pitts (drums), who together form Bruno Miranda’s Trio. An extreme thanks also goes to Giovanni Perez, for his time and effort during the mixing process, and Cienna Alida, for hear beautiful performance on “Yo me rindo a Él”.

Other key people who have made this album possible are: Executive producer Silas Miranda (Bruno’s father) who has always encouraged and supported his art; Carlson Barros, his industry mentor and mastering engineer, who has been always incredibly supportive throughout his artistic career; his wife Mariane Miranda, whose love, care and understanding has helped Bruno continue to pursue his passion; Grace Knodt, who has always been so supportive and full of cool ideas; and Ron Pitts (Jesse Pitts’ father), who is not only supportive of the trio, but who has has taken amazing photographs of the group for the cover art.


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