How Ready Are Our Music Students for the Real World ?

This is a study I conducted for my final thesis at Indiana University for a Master’s of Science in Music Technology.

I am now revisiting the study alongside my friend and scholar Jose Valentino, in order to refine it and prepare it for next level research.

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

The purpose of this study was to uncover music students’ readiness and perception of current facets of the music industry and technology. The study provides a thorough discussion, chronological outline, and philosophical position regarding the importance for music technology and music business as integral component of music students’ knowledge and competency has been provided. The impetus of this study is fueled by the need to reform music education in schools in order to empower students to become self-sufficient in the arts after graduation. Results indicated that music students are not knowledgeable and equipped in facets of music business and music technology. Based on these results, today’s music students may not be ready to enter into the professional music industry. Further discussion is contained within this document. Hopefully, this study can serve as a launching ground for future research that observes students’ curricular content and expertise, and how these variables facilitate their marketability in the music industry post-graduation.

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